Trouble building SDL_Mixer on Windows

Preface: I’m trying to use layered music in my game. Mainline SDL_Mixer doesn’t seem to support multiple layers of music, but this fork of SDL_Mixer does.

I’m trying to compile that fork of SDL_Mixer so that I can use it in my game. I got it compiling and working on OS X, but I don’t know how to compile the windows version - trying to build the Visual Studio project just results in a large number of errors about missing .h files from the main SDL repo. (e.g. SDL_config.h)

Does anyone here have advice for building SDL_Mixer on Windows?

I talked about it for a while with ‘Xeer’ on #SDL yesterday. Xeer believed that I needed to merge in the SDL development library (libs/ and include/) into the “external/” directory in the Visual Studio project. Unfortunately, even though that was marked as an external path (?) in the project, adding the files there didn’t fix any ‘missing .h file’ errors. (SDL_config.h, etc, were included.)