Tux Paint 2002.07.31 released!

Tux Paint, my simple and amusing drawing program for young children,
now uses ‘gettext’ to handle translations! :slight_smile:

(This is the major change, among a number of others… see below)


Hopefully a Windows build and an update to the Debian package will be made.



  • Fixed memory deallocation bug in “Open” dialog function.

  • Translated to Finnish
    Tarmo Toikkanen <tarmo.toikkanen at iki.fi>

  • Update Spanish translation
    Gabriel Gazzan

  • Switched from using #define’d strings for translations to using "gettext"
    and “.po” files (see src/messages/)
    Fabian Franz
    (Thanks to Andreas Best <a_best at web.de> for help getting locales working)

  • Added “–locale” option to override current locale at runtime
    (e.g. “–locale de_DE at euro”)

  • Added “–lang” option to override current locale at runtime,
    using human-readable language names.
    (e.g. “–locale german” or “–locale deutsch”)

  • Stamp descriptions now support multiple languages.
    (Each description MUST be on one line - multiple lines no longer supported!)

    Lines beginning with “xx=” (where “xx” is a locale abbreviation,
    e.g. “de” for German or “es” for Spanish) provide text for their
    respective locales.

  • Added details about stamp multilingual support to “README.txt”.

  • Added more requirements to the “INSTALL.txt” documentation.

  • Supports a “~/.tuxpaintrc” file which contains default options
    (e.g. “fullscreen=yes”)

  • Command-line options to disable some options
    (e.g., “–windowed” to override a “fullscreen=yes” in .tuxpaintrc)