Tux Paint 2002.09.28

Another day, another version :^)

Tux Paint, my drawing program for kids, now supports Brazilian Portugues!

It also allows for system-wide configuration (/etc/tuxpaint/tuxpaint.config
or /usr/local/etc/tuxpaint/tuxpaint.config, depending on how it was built).

You can also disable the ‘fancy’ mouse cursor shapes ("–nofancycursors")
to avoid the SDL bug that causes trails of garbage under fullscreen in Windows
and non-X-Window under Linux.




PS - It’s also reviewed in the current issues of
"Linux Journal" magazine in the US,
“Linux-Magazin” in Germany, and
"Revistas do Linux" in Brazil!

PPS - Sid and Woody “.deb” packages are available for download.

PPPS - A NetBSD build will be available within the next day or so.