Tux Typing 1.0 Released & Release Party!

Thought people on this list may be interrested in our recent announcements…
so I’m forwarding them. Sorry for the intrusion (it’s just a big deal to us
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We are extraordinarily pleased to announce the FIRST STABLE release (version
1.0) of Tux Typing! Tux Typing is an “edutainment” typing tutor game starring
Tux, the Linux Penguin.

This release (version 1.0) is the result of over a year of development. It is
a stable release, meaning it is feature-complete and should be relatively

You can find Tux Typing 1.0 for your platform of choice at the Tux Typing
download page:

Major changes since 0.9 release:
* Support for themes and internationalization
* Fixed Debian PPC bug #104456
* Tweaked gameplay & menu speed
* Fixed rect clipping bug
* Stabilizing bugfixes and misc. code clean-up

To celebrate the Tux Typing 1.0 release we will be having an online IRC
party. Anyone interested is invited.

The online IRC party will occur on:
Thursday, Aug. 9th, 2001 @ 18:30:00 GMT
on the #tux4kids IRC channel @ irc.openprojects.net

This will be a celebration of this release, and a discussion of future
directions for the project, and other educational Open-Source/Free-Software

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