Undefined reference to `snd_pcm_drain'

Hello , Im new to SDL … I cant compile any SDL program every time I come up with

||=== sdl, Debug ===|
/usr/lib/libSDL.a(SDL_alsa_audio.o)||In function ALSA_CloseAudio' (.text+0x146)||undefined reference tosnd_pcm_drain’|
/usr/lib/libSDL.a(SDL_alsa_audio.o)||In function ALSA_CloseAudio' (.text+0x156)||undefined reference tosnd_pcm_close’|
/usr/lib/libSDL.a(SDL_alsa_audio.o)||In function ALSA_PlayAudio' (.text+0x1c4)||undefined reference tosnd_pcm_writei’|
/usr/lib/libSDL.a(SDL_alsa_audio.o)||In function ALSA_PlayAudio' (.text+0x1e2)||undefined reference tosnd_pcm_prepare’|

||More errors follow but not being shown.|
||Edit the max errors limit in compiler options…|
||=== Build finished: 50 errors, 0 warnings ===|

I dont know why it clashs with ALSA , I need help. how can I fix this ?

On which OS are you trying to compile your SDK software?------------------------

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tom1 wrote:

On which OS are you trying to compile your SDK software?

Ubuntu 9.10

I have SDL 1.2.14
and Alsa 1.0.20

Sorry for late reply, I had the same problem on my Debian box, try to comment out alsa module from modul.conf
and reload your modules or restart your Ubuntu machine. Worked out for me.------------------------
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