Unusual joystick issue

Hello, everyone.

I’m trying to build my first SDL2 game, and as I’m setting up player input through a game controller, I’m getting the strangest issue. The values of the x and y axes for both the left and right joystick are being stored under SDL_CONTROLLER_AXIS_RIGHTX and SDL_CONTROLLER_AXIS_RIGHTY. Also, the left analog stick overwrites the values for the right analog stick.

I just need to know why it seems SDL2 is storing the left stick’s data in the right stick’s memory, and if there is a way to correct the issue.

OS: Windows 10
SDL: 2.28.4
Controller: Logitech F310

The following is my routine code:

	while ( !boolQuitGame && rEvent->type != SDL_QUIT ) { //Run while the user doesn't want to quit
		while ( SDL_PollEvent( rEvent ) ) { //Listen for events
			switch ( rEvent->type ) { //Check if user wants to quit
			case SDL_QUIT:
				boolQuitGame = true; //The user wants to quit :(

		//Logic goes here
		std::cout << (int) SDL_GameControllerGetAxis( rGameController, SDL_CONTROLLER_AXIS_RIGHTX ) << "   " << (int) SDL_GameControllerGetAxis( rGameController, SDL_CONTROLLER_AXIS_RIGHTY ) << std::endl;


Thank you for taking time to read my post.

Update… I am dumb.

I have reWASD for remapping controls for other games, and I had remapping turned on, which was mapping a duplicate of the right stick to the left along with the A button.

Thanks for reading.

I’ll take my leave now…