Upgraded Arch Linux system, SDL2 & SDL2_Mixer broken

Upgrading your Arch Linux system always come with risks. It upgraded SDL2 to 2.0.8 and SDL2_Mixer to 2.0.2. The game I’m working on reports an error “OGG support not available”. Downgrading just SDL2_Mixer didn’t solve the problem. So I started downgrading SDL2 looking for a combination that might allow me to keep working. I ended up with errors like “No SoundFonts have been requested” and “undefined reference to `udev_device_get_devnode”.

For now I’m just going to disable sound in my game until a fix can be made. Oy…

I also tried to install the latest SLD2_mixer from the Mercurial repositories and the same problems persists. One thing I’ve noticed through all my tests, Mix_OpenAudio will return something other then zero and wont be open because I’ll get an error about the device is not open.

I also see the same problems in my Android builds. Hope there is a fix for this soon.

Boy do I feel stupid. I was checking the error codes returning from Mix_Init and Mix_OpenAudio and throwing an assert. I previously wasn’t doing that.

Even though it’s throwing errors like “OGG support not available”, it will still load my OGG files and play them. I now just report this error info to the console.

It’s all working.