User breakpoints in VC6 with SDL & SIS300

Hello everyone,

I guess this question must have been asked several times here, but I
couldn’t find any answer so please bear with me, I’m new.

I’m usign SDL in a Visual C++ 6 project, together with OpenGL and some other
free libs.

For some reason, each time I execute my project (in debug mode) I get “user
breakpoint” messages, which correspond to “int 3” instructions in my code.
SDL_SetVideoMode seems to be the cause of this behaviour. I’ve read that
this might be caused by heap leaks but I haven’t used the heap at all, in
fact, event the GL code sample from the SDL docs causes this.

Another question, although possibly related: anyone ever worked with a
SIS300/305 chipset? It’s an AGP chip with some minor OpenGL support, and
unfortunately that’s all I have right now. The SIS OpenGL driver is causing
segmentation faults on my system (program exits with code -11) - I’m
wondering if this is a common issue with SiS’s driver or is it just me?

Thanks in advance,

– Edgard.