Using SDL with Mingw or DevC++

Hi there I noticed someone say they couldnt find a
SDL_Mixer.a, well thats because you have to build it
yourself! Its pretty easy. And since I love DevC++ and
free programming tools in general, Ill help yalls out
with this :wink: let me say that I had a pretty hard time
finding this out on my own!

So ok, this process will make your mingw .a library.
You can do this with any (yes any!) .DLL you need a
library for. You need only two tools. If you have
DevC++, look in the DevC++\bin directory. Mingw
should be the same, in the BIN folder.

The two programs are called dlltool.exe and idef.exe

copy them to a folder like C:\convert or something,
because you will need to go to MSDOS mode (assuming
you have windows->sorry I dont know about other OS’s!)

**for dlltool to work properly, you’ll also need to
copy ar.exe and as.exe to that same directory.

now move whatever .dll you need a library for to that
directory. Type this to get a .def file (the imports)
you need that file to make the archive.

simply use this, assuming the dll is called

idef whatever.dll

bam, now you have the .def, so go make the .a using
dlltool with this line.

dlltool --input-def whatever.def --dllname
whatever.dll --output-lib libwhatever.a

Note: the article I read says something about a -k
switch at the end of that line. I havent used it and
everything seems to work fine, but if for some reason
you have problems that could be a factor.

Hope this helps someone! (and you can help me back by
telling me how to compile .DLL’s in DevC…! )
my email:@Jason_Robertson
happy (free!) coding ;)__________________________________________________
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