Using stdio?

I heard with Widoze there is the possibility to open a “console”-window for
stdin and stout … For I’m a Unix/Linux fan I think it would be great, if
could set a flag to open such console window

You can, unfortunately to redirect the stdin/stdout I/O to the console
you need to compile with VC++. It’s also not very practical for applications
running in full-screen modes. If anyone knows better, please let me know! :slight_smile:

I’m going to say that from past (bad) experience the console is a no no. Under
NT it is marginal, under 95 it is very poorly implemented. Even with VC++ the
redirection is ugly and doesn’t work very well. I had to debug a high
speed/newar real time app on 95/NT a while back and REALLY needed some UNIX
style streaming test output to tell me what was going on under all of that GUI
mess. I ended up rewriting my console stuff from scratch `cause the default one
is pretty bad.

anyway, don’t use the console on win32. :slight_smile:

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