Hi, for the last year, Ive been using vcpkg for all of my third part libraries. Right now, vcpkg is saying that the latest version of sdl2 they have is 2.0.12-1. I could be doing something wrong, but is the SDL crew keeping the vcpkg repo up to date with the latest? Thanks

I don’t think the vcpkg package is maintained by SDL developers, but by vcpkg package maintainers.

According to vcpkg/ports/sdl2 at master · microsoft/vcpkg · GitHub (and [sdl2] Update to 2.0.16 (#19509) · microsoft/vcpkg@25382e3 · GitHub) they should have 2.0.16 - if you only get 2.0.12 (and vcpkg update doesn’t help) it’s probably best to ask in their slack or discord: GitHub - microsoft/vcpkg: C++ Library Manager for Windows, Linux, and MacOS or issue tracker: Issues · microsoft/vcpkg · GitHub

Got it. Thank you. As a side conversation…does anyone know if exposing more shader control is in the works? I’ve been experimenting with opengl , and its killing my head. I want the glowy bloomy stuff!

What do you mean shaders? Is there anything shaders in SDL2?

Nothing directly exposed, no.

Behind the scenes, yes SDL2 is having to use shaders to display stuff. As a user of SDL2 however, we cant currently incorporate our own vertex and fragment shaders. It would be nice if they did, so I was wondering if it was on a “todo list” for a future release.

SDL would need some sort of “generic” shading language, and a transpiler to convert it to the various backends’ shader languages (HLSL, GLSL, Metal Shading Language, etc.). This would definitely be non-trivial.

Alternately, SDL could let programmers supply shaders for these languages directly so long as they respected the necessary inputs/outputs, but then programmers would have to write shaders for every platform they planned to support, and it’s kind of against the overall purpose of SDL_Renderer IMHO