Video subsystem bug in Mac

I submitted this some days ago but you may have missed it, since there
were no replies. Was anyone successful reproducing this?

I have another report for a SDL bug which I can’t reproduce :frowning:

Short version : upon restoring a window, it restores as a 1-inch-high
window, not a 800x600 window -

The test case (source & binary) -

The test case opens a 800x600 window, goes fullscreen, iconifies the
window and opens an internet browser. When you click the icon in the
dock, it restores to the narrow window seen in the picture.

That weird sequence of actions mimics the action of some of the buttons
in FaceIt ( ) in
particular the BUY NOW button and the VIEW ONLINE HIGHSCORES button. It
probably happens without opening a browser window but I wanted to
reproduce the case as exactly as possible.

This uses SDL 1.2.6 (I haven’t switched my projects to 1.2.7). I’ll try
to test it with 1.2.7 ASAP. I’m pretty sure he uses OS X 10.3.


Ing. Gabriel Gambetta
ARTech - GeneXus Development Team
ggambett at