VSync always on for Raspberry Pi - any test programs to verify?

I think I’ve found a bug with SDL 2.0.8 (I will test with latest master at some point!) on Raspberry Pi (3) where VSync is always enabled regardless of SDL_GL_SetSwapInterval calls. However, my proof is a bit convoluted, with too many moving parts.

Does anyone know of a simple SDL GLES2 test program I can run at command line, that would test SDL_GL_SetSwapInterval on/off? Eg, something that outputs X frames as fast as it can, and I can see if it’s limited by the current display Hz or not?

@slouken @bschaefer (tagging you both in as I see commits from you on the SDL raspberry video code… hope that’s ok!)

Thanks :heart:

I wrote the Raspberry Pi driver for a different game library. With the old style OpenGL (before the “desktop GL” driver), you could not disable vsync. I don’t know if the desktop GL driver is the same but possibly.

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for anyone curious about this, there is a gles2test program included in SDL2 that you can use. i did that and found my issue: https://github.com/mupen64plus/mupen64plus-core/pull/670