Weird Borderless Window Maximizing Behaviour

Hello, I need some help with SDL2.

When I use SDL_WINDOW_BORDERLESS on my window, that disables all animations and such when maximizing, minimizing etc. manually. I fixed that with SDL_BORDERLESS_WINDOWED_STYLE hint by enabling it, now the window transitions are back to normal but the problem became that when maximizing a window, it covers the entire desktop of a single screen, over taskbar, also clips the first 3-4 pixels of client area’s content for some reason.

I also fixed that with SDL_BORDERLESS_RESIZABLE_STYLE hint by enabling it, now it does not maximize over taskbar but the only issue left is that the first 3-4 pixel of my content of my window is clipped when maximized.

Non-maximized window:

Maximized window (the white rectangle below the window is the top of the taskbar, i did not send entire of it as i have unpublished apps there, for safety reasons):

You can see that some part of the window is not visible anymore when maximized, this can be a real issue for example implementing my own control box for closing, minimizing and maximizing the window, when they maximize, they may not be able to reach the button anymore as it gets clipped.

Do you have any idea why this happens? If so is there any solution to this? And if this isnt clipping then what is it?

Any help is appreciated.