What does the output of a GameController's Gyroscope mean?

I was using SDL (SDL2) to record gyroscope events from my game controllers (both Nintento Pro Controller and Joy Cons), and, although I could “see” that the accelerometer reading was probably in meters/second^2 because I could see something around 9.8 (gravity) in an axis, I had no idea what the gyroscope was saying.

I remember reading (not about SDL) that gyroscopes output readings in either degrees per second, or revolutions per second, but neither appeared to be working for me, so there is a problem with my setup/code somehow.

So, does anybody know what the SDL_SENSOR_GYRO data is? I need this info to help me debug my application…

I’m answering myself with an update: Looking at the header file SDL_sensor.h, I was able to find the following:

The gyroscope returns the current rate of rotation in radians per second

So now I will go back to trying to figure out what went wrong with my code.