When do we get 3d stuff

I saw the post about an epic megagrant and the planned efforts of bringing a 3d rendering stack to SDL. Can I know how far these efforts are underway, and when I’ll finally get to mess around with cubes and other 3d stuff in my game?

Will that effort involve community contribution?

It’s in progress. The FAQ is here, and we definitely want feedback and community contributions.


Is there somewhere we can track progress on this? I can’t seem to find any branches that aren’t really old (“Current development branch for the API” in the FAQ is 8 months old). I’d really like to start messing around with it as it progresses.

The current step is writing the intermediate representation for the compiler, which is taking a long time in general, but also I’ve been focused on the rest of SDL3 for most of 2023 so far.

So the next thing that happens is a giant commit to SDL_shader_tools and then a lot more incremental work, to both the tools and SDL itself.

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Excellent and thanks for the update! Will for sure be watching commits to see how it goes and already updated to SDL3 for window/input/other stuff.