Where can I find compiled libraries for all supported platforms?

I’m new to SDL I have heard about it but never used it until now.

I have never used C or C++ I have always written in C#. I’m trying to find a one solution for all windowing system for my application so I can create a window or surface and render using OpenGL or DirectX on platforms Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, UWP, Switch, etc.

I’m looking for the already compiled libraries for SDL so I can use the .dll, .so, .dylib, etc libraries for all platforms specified above so I can use them with the C# wrapper mentioned in the Language Bindings section. When I visit the official SDL releases section and download the file “https://sdl2-devel-2.28.2-vc.zip” it only contains the compiled libraries for Windows, Mac, Linux. Where can I get the other files for Android, IOS, etc? I don’t want to build them myself as it seems very complicated for someone who has no experience, even with the tutorials I don’t understand as I’ve never used half the things it explains.

I just want the compiled library for all platforms so I can get to work (hopefully)

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