Win32 and/or QT integration

Hi all, I’m a QT developper, new to SDL.
I’m developing a video-based project (RT display of two video channels), and
would like to use SDL rather than the slow QT Widget functions.
My question is: how can I integrate a SDL surface as part of my application
(ie like a common widget?)
If it is not possible, how can I place a SDL window wherever I want? And how
can I remove the titlebar?

Now concerning the video display:
I have two framme grabber writing directly in the PC memory, plus my
application generates a pixmap that contains the graphical information
(text, lines, …) I want to superimpose the graphs on top of one video
(with possible alpha blending), and overlay the zoom-out 2nd channel on top
of the first one, in a corner, for instance.
What is the best solution to do so ?

Yann Le Page,
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