Win32 && fullscreen OpenGL fails


I tried to compile SDL-1.1 for win32 and run gltron today.
I grabbed the snapshot from last Friday, got the Direct X 7 SDL
from M$, and compiled it.

I then compiled SDL_mixer-1.0.4 (had to remove mdulaw.c from the project and
modify a few include / link settings to make it look for SDL-1.1 instead
of SDL-1.0).

Then I compiled gltron (the SDL port) too. It runs ok, except:
If SDL_FULLSCREEN is set, I get a “can’t make GL context current” error.

When I start gltron in windowed mode, it runs fine. But upon exiting, the
application crashes in kernel32.dll. Annoything side effect: explorer is so
messed up that you can only reboot by pressing ctrl-alt-delete a few times.

As for the crash on exiting, that’s probably me. I have to look at my CVS
diffs, maybe I made a few incompatible changes (this happens when you
just play with the code a little bit from time to time).

However, I’d be glad if someone could look into the fullscreen thing.

As for hardware drivers:
Voodoo3 2000, latest drivers from, Windows 98.