[Windows] 'Numlock off' changes numpad key scancodes

On Windows 10 with SDL 2.0.12:
Whenever numlock is off, numpad keys 2/4/8/6 return cursor down/left/up/right scancodes instead of numpad scancodes. This makes it impossible to know if I pressed the actual numpad keys or the cursor keys on my keyboard. I really need to get numpad scancodes at all times. Is there any way I can do this?

Also this sounds like an SDL2 issue that should be looked into… I haven’t tested this on other platforms than Windows 10. I use a desktop keyboard, and I confirmed in another program that the numpad keys can behave the same regardless of numlock state, so it sounds like it’s not a hardware related thing.

You are correct that it is a SDL 2.0.12 bug. I filed a bug with a patch to address it.