X screen blanker

Hi there,

I haven’t found a way to search this list’s archives (without
downloading the whole 104 MB), so I don’t know if this has been reported
before. I probably found a bug in the X11 backend:
As long as the mouse is handled exclusively by SDL (i.e. the input is
grabbed or the program runs in fullscreen mode) mouse movement doesn’t
seem to reset the screensaver timer. If I set the X screen blanker
timeout to e.g. 10 seconds (xset s 10), then run an SDL game that grabs
the mouse pointer and don’t push any key or mouse button for 10 seconds
the screen turns blank. Simply moving the mouse doesn’t affect it. I
never noticed that before because no “normal” game can be played for ten
minutes (my usual screensaver timeout) or longer without using the
keyboard or at least a mouse button, but Enigma
(http://www.nongnu.org/enigma/) can.