Xcode 4 Templates (time frame)?

Hi all,

I’m a newcomer to SDL and development on OS X in general. Unfortunately the templates provided in SDL-devel-1.2.14-extras.dmg doesn’t work with Xcode 4, which is described/decried several places on the net.

I’ve taken a look at https://github.com/manifest1985/sdl-ios-templates and https://github.com/manifest1985/sdl-ios-framework, but I don’t know what those does and if they do what I want (seems to be iOS only?).

I’ve downloaded the SDL.Framework and _mixer, _image etc. and placed them in /Library/Frameworks/. I’ve added the XcodeDocSet from devel-extras to the proper directory.

I’d like to be able to develop games for the Mac App Store using Xcode. Is there a time frame when new templates will be available?

Since it doesn’t work with the templates today (and I cannot figure out what to do), I’ve tried to look into the command-line options, but most tutorials covering that is either 1) out-dated or 2) suggesting that one use Xcode - before version 4 :frowning:

Enough rambling: If somebody could tell me how to get this Hello Pixel program to compile on OS X I’d greatly appreciate it - no matter what method/tools are used: http://wiki.gp2x.org/wiki/Writing_an_SDL_Hello_World

Best regards, and thanks in advance,

Bl? Lejesvend