XCode templates and documentation missing

The runtime and development downloads in http://libsdl.org/download-2.0.php look different but point to the same DMG file.

After installing the downloaded framework there is no SDL template in Xcode.
(the DMG file contains nothing else)

According to here there should be:
“At the download site you will see two types of libraries: runtime and development. You must download both libraries. The runtime library contains the SDL framework. The development libraries install documentation and SDL Xcode project templates on your computer.”


That info is extremely old and out of date.

For modern Xcode (latest public version is Xcode 11), just make a regular app. Then

  1. Rip out all the AppDelegate, ViewController, .storyboard/.xib files, that are put in there by the template
  2. Copy SDL2.framework to the same place as YourProject.xcodeproj
  3. Add SDL2.framework as a linked/embedded framework in your app’s build settings (go to the “General” tab, then down in the “Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content” section hit the +, choose “Add Other” at the bottom of the window that comes up, select SDL2.framework). Xcode will automatically configure your project to copy it to your app’s bundle and code sign it.
  4. Make a file called main.c or main.cpp, put your main() function in it, and off you go.

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the app that 15 years ago was SDL and now is iOS and I want to make SDL is in the app store. If someone wants to have a look:

…and sjr, thank you for your detailed reply.
Now I can continue with my plan: leave iOS + OpenGL and go SDL + Vulkan / Molten

Hey, I tried what you said but i get the following error when I build

Building for iOS Simulator, but the linked and embedded framework ‘SDL2.framework’ was built for macOS.

You’ll need to use SDL framework build for iOS instead of macOS.