SDL is finally autoconf’d
After a week and a half of grueling combat with automake, it’s finally
automagic - no muss, no fuss, just type ./configure and go.

I haven’t checked it into CVS yet, I need to test win32 gcc compilation,
but it’s almost ready for public consumption.


–enable-feature/–disable-feature allows you to enable and disable a
wide number of supported features (fbcon driver, assembly blitters, ESD
support, etc.)

sdl-config allows GTk style magic compilation: cc -o foo foo.c
sdl-config --cflags sdl-config --libs

sdl.m4 file is added to /usr/share/aclocal, so you can autoconf programs
that use SDL simply by adding AM_PATH_SDL({version}) to your
configure.in (See the test programs for an example autoconf’d SDL

New library libSDLmain.a allows you to link with a main() stub for
architectures that need it (win32, macos)

The source directory structure is much more cleanly set up so you can
work on subsystems and drivers more easily.

It should be easier to add new supported UNIX-like architectures.
IRIX, FreeBSD, and Solaris have been added to the list of supported

And best of all, the SDL_DEFUN() header junk is all gone. SDL is now a
normal library like any other. The disadvantage of this is that SDL can
no longer dynamically load different display drivers, but the next
change I’m going to make is the ability to have multiple display drivers
linked in and selectable at run-time.

These changes will be added to the development version of SDL (0.11.1),
and I will try to rev this to the next stable release as soon as all the
bugs are shaken loose.

Features waiting to go into the next development version of SDL:

  • Joystick support (Linux driver written by Garrett Banuk)
  • Mesa3D GL contexts (written by either myself or Bernd Kreimeier)
  • ALSA support (written by J. Valenzuela)
  • Win32 audio fixes (submitted by Cliff Matthews)–
    -Sam Lantinga, Lead Programmer, Loki Entertainment Software