iOS full screen resolution issue

I’ve just moved my app from SDL 2.0.4 to SDL 2.0.10

With 2.0.4 my app will run at full screen rez on my iPhone 11 (1792 × 828)

But with 2.0.10 libs my app will only run at 568x320

I’ve noticed all the demo apps run at a really low rez also.

I use SDL_GetCurrentDisplayMode() to get the screen size before I call creatWindow.
I’ve tried hard coding numbers to CreateWindow. I’ve added SDL_WINDOW_ALLOW_HIGH_DPI and SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN

Any ideas? I’ve read something about launch images having an effect, but I don’t see why SDL2.0.4 would work and 2.0.10 wouldn’t.

I’ve also recently moved to 2.0.10 on iOS but haven’t seen any unwanted effect. I specify SDL_WINDOW_ALLOW_HIGHDPI and SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN_DESKTOP, and then call SDL_GL_GetDrawableSize() to get the display size.

I’m really confused about launch images, launch image storyboards, main story boards.
Do we need any of this stuff, my app has no storyboard items?

I have noticed that removing the Default-568h@2x.png caused the game to run in an even lower res.

What launch image / story board settings do you use?

It’s probably not SDL, it’s iOS and the SDK. IIRC you need launch images for every screen resolution/aspect ratio you intend to support. Changes in iOS’ behavior regarding your app are often gated behind what SDK the app was built with, to avoid breaking things.

Launch storyboards were created so you wouldn’t need a separate image for each size, with the caveat that your app will have to support all screen sizes.

I’ve tried adding all required launch images. I’ve also add a launch story board. But nothing seems to help.

The sdl temple and demo app don’t run full res either.

I know it’s not sdl, but some weird combination of things that Apple requires, I just can’t figure out what it is.

Has anyone had an sdl app running full res on iOS, if so how were your launch images set up?

I write my games natively on iOS (I use SDL to port them over to Android and Windows) and nowadays you don’t need any launch images at all, just the LaunchScreen storyboard. Maybe your launch images are confusing things? Maybe try deleting all of them and just relying on the storyboard? And that the storyboard is specified in the Launch Screen File setting?