Minimum permissions on Android

Hi everyone,

The default SDL project for Android requires vibration and external storage. Requiring access to the SD Card makes users suspicious, and for good reason (I would not trust a game that requires that permission without an explanation).

We would like to keep users as protected as possible, and require zero permissions if we can. Our apps currently do not require any permissions apart from the minimum that the SDL template sets, plus accelerometer (only if the game really needs it).

Is anything going to crash if we just disable that permission in the Android manifest?



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Hi Alex,

I disabled all the permission requirements in the manifest with no ill effects. I’m still able to load and save to files without the external storage permission.

I have noticed that USB game controllers and Bluetooth game controllers do cause a few hiccups, maybe because permission is requested on-the-fly. But it seems to work most of the time.

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Hi Anthony

That’s great to hear!

If that is the case, I ask another question: would it make sense to make that the default in the template included with SDL?



Yes, it would. The supplied Android templates are a bit messy. We need more of us Android devs to get together and agree on what to change so someone can submit it.