Xbox One wireless controller in Windows 7

I’m trying to track down a problem with OpenFL/lime not detecting a controller, and have narrowed it down to SDL not detecting the controller.

On windows 7, an official xbox one wireless controller connected via usb cable works correctly, and fires SDL gamepad events. However, when connected via the Xbox One Controller Wireless Adapter, the controller is no longer visible to SDL and creates no gamepad or joystick events. The gamepad is still visible in the Windows ‘USB Game Controllers’ dialog and the controls respond in the test dialog.

(When wireless, gamepad not detected in Steam’s ‘Controller’ settings, General Arcade’s gamepad tool, or any SDL using games that I have tried)

Any advice on how to solve this issue appreciated, happy to provide additional information if you can suggest what is needed.

Lime’s version of SDL is visible here if it’s relevant

Does either of these help?

As I understand the issues described in your links @Blerg, the controller is firing joystick events but not gamepad. My problem is that no gamepad or joystick events are firing for the controller in wireless mode.

How about other games that don’t use SDL? Can you try a game made with Unity? Unreal engine uses SDL.